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Sun Catch Her

A Three Rivers Deep Novel

Vol. 1

by Tiffany J. Sherman

Release date: NOVEMBER 24, 2020

Format: Ebook, Print

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Elemental beings struggle over the fate (and heart) of a two-souled artist as she fights to survive all in their world that would devour her, body and souls.

When eighteen-year-old Aurora narrowly escapes an unseen creature that attacks their apartment building, her aunt claims the destruction is the result of a simple gas explosion. Yeah, right! Explosions don’t leave widely spaced, fang shaped punctures in your shoulder! Besides, her aunt wasn’t in the building when it shook apart. Nobody was there… until he arrived, the mysterious rescuer who smelled like a lightning strike. Of pure electricity.

Suddenly finding herself caught up in a world of elemental animals and people who can control air, water, sunlight, and more, Aurora learns she has two souls, and she walks the line between reality and otherworldly. If she can embrace Nature, she finally has a chance at a whole (albeit odd) life. The only thing is, Nature isn’t without its quirks. Really long, hungry quirks, like Sky Devils, ravenous beings of immeasurable length who will hunt her down and devour her, body and souls.
Action, romance, bad weather and broken crayons! If you enjoy pulse-pounding adventure, grab the first novel in this magical book series!