Create Moving GIFs from Book Covers

Below are a few examples of how I’ve used the program Plotagraph to make moving creations out of SUN CATCH HER’s book cover and a THREE RIVERS DEEP series ad.

Here’s a link to TAP to go to PLOTAVERSE | I encourage you to check it out if you’re interested in making moving gifs of your book covers. It’s FREE to use. So explore, learn, create all of the moving art pieces you want! Everything you create is saved to a profile you make on the site. So it’s there forever. They only hit you up with a cost when you actually want to download/save your gifs. It’s not too much. I think $15 a month? I suggest you do what I did, create a bunch of stuff for free, saved on the website profile. Take your time, make a lot. Then do the $15 a month subscription, download all of your creations, and unsubscribe before the end of the first month. This way you’re only paying $15 once.

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