An intangible beast, can such a thing exist? Aurora wonders as she stands before the bathroom mirror, bruised and bewildered.

Two weeks have passed since she narrowly escaped some unseen creature that attacked her and destroyed their apartment building. Since then, Aurora’s aunt has spirited them away, moving hundreds of miles east and though it seems they are running for their lives, her aunt, Indy Anna, insists otherwise.  She claims the apartment collapse was the result of a simple gas explosion. Yeah, right! Gas explosions don’t leave widely spaced, fang shaped punctures in your shoulder! Besides, her aunt wasn’t with her when the building shook apart. Nobody was there… until he arrived, the mysterious rescuer who smelled like a lightning strike. Of pure electricity.

Life hasn’t exactly been all rainbows and ice cream for this (now former) west coast girl. Estranged from humanity due to her precarious control over her ability to manipulate souls, Aurora longs for, and also dreads, becoming a fully functional member of society—to make a few friends, sharpen her art skills, maybe curb her mega-phobic tendency to cower in closets during thunderstorms.

When she finally reunites with her powerful and very handsome rescuer, Micah, reality as she knows it does a one-eighty. Caught up in a world of elemental animals and people who can control air, water, sunlight, and more, Aurora learns that she has two souls, and she walks the line been reality and otherworldly. If she can embrace Nature, she finally has a chance at a whole (albeit odd) life. The only thing is, Nature isn’t without its quirks. Really long, hungry quirks, like Sky Devils, ravenous beings of immeasurable length who will hunt her down and devour her, body and souls.