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Hello and Welcome!
I’m Tiffany J. Sherman and I am an author, artist, and cat wrangler. I grew up (and still live) in the valleys of western Pennsylvania.

A lot of my female characters tend to be firecrackers each in their own way; some harmlessly pop, snap and glitter, while others will blow your entire arm off! I spent my teenage years as a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Xena Warrior Princess” diehard, and my tendency for writing spunky, cheeky young women tends to reflect that.

“It is my hope that THREE RIVERS DEEP embraces you, brings you joy, and
uplifts you above your everyday circumstances. I hope Aurora and the gang can
help you escape boredom, anxiety, hurt, loss. Whatever your situation, whatever
your reason for reading, allow me to whisk you away!”

This is not the author. This is Renji. He is Tiffany’s cat (one of seven).


Fun facts about me…

  • I make Christmas ornaments!  A few examples:
  • Cat trees are another one of my mediums (well, wood and carpet are used to create cat trees).
  • The valley I live in, Petroleum Valley, is the setting for book one of Three Rivers Deep. It is an “industrial valley” just as it is described in the story, with three factories that stretch the entire length between thickly forested hills. In the heart of the valley are the twin golden brick smokestacks that tower over all!
  • I am the overlord of seven rowdy house cats.
  • Napping. All the naps. Oftentimes napping in a cat pile (see item above – 7 cats).
  • Gummy bears are my kryptonite (I’m not sure if I should be giving out this information).


Authors who inspire me:
Anne Rice, Kim Harrison, Philip Pullman, Laurell K. Hamilton

Favorite book series:
The Hollows, by Kim Harrison

Most beloved time of year:
Autumn/Halloween/Give me all of the Candy Corn!

Arting | Writing | Gardening | Cat management
Laundry | Vacuuming | Pretty much anything domestic

Interior designer wannabe

Rarely do I force selfies upon my cats, but when I do…

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